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this afox news alert. fox news can now project mitt romney will win the iowa caucuses and ohio remains close to call. take a look at the margin it's razor thin now just a couple thousand separating rick santorum and mitt romney. the romney camp is showing confidence reports our own carl cameron. pointing to franklin, and saying that the romney senior advisors are insisting rick santorum, and i quote, cannot catch up in ohio. that is what we're hearing. that is not the news we're getting from our decision desk now. going to check in with steve brown in ohio for the latest there. steve? >> yeah. i think the reason is that all of the results are not in from
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two counties that have been rich in romney votes, hamilton county around cincinnati and there are substantial numbers of votes yet to be counted that. seems to be at the core of the romney campaign's confidence. the santorum campaign has not left this venue as of yet. they're in an area just dead ahead where i'm standing here, you can see the curve around the area where they're said to have been krumpbling numbers and taking a look at reports from the field into how this may go. they have seen what has been reported earlier an 18,000 vote margin shrink down to 6,000. there is a sense of it from here is that they do see the lead kind of slipping from them there. is a question of whether or not either senator santorum or someone from the campaign will be coming forward to talk it would be my guess that given the romney campaign statement
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they don't believe santorum can catch up, if you will. santorum is still leading at least in terms we have so far. and there is something of a decision being made as to what to do about that in terms of the campaign and we're watching numbers coming in as we are. the race turned out to be tighter than folks expected. back to you. >> there seems to be back and forth going on between the senior strategist for the santorum campaign and gingrich campaign. there is word earlier the santorum folks are saying don't forget there are states already in there where they were folks voting for someone like newt gingrich they're not necessarily binding delegates. and saying it's tea party supporters unite behind rick santorum then mitt romney won't be the nominee. saying i'm calling for this guy, being the judge for
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santorum to drop out and stop selling a pipe dream. >> there may be something of a sense of that in the search, if you will fr a romney alternative that bonl of these campaigns are taking a look at math and going given what we've got and what gingrich got from the camp what santorum got we can take this guy. that is what you've got going back and forth now. saying arizona would have been better, michigan would have been better and you thought michigan camp a bunch of times, then, if supporters just swung his way, not calling on gingrich to get out of the race, then we could have taken michigan and the race would be different now there. is something of a back and forth in and without saying it if they were alone in this race things would be better, they're not alone and isn't likely they're going to be alone. >> that is the point for this
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evening, thank you. we'll be back soon. >> just a point quickly here, votes in ohio, rick perry, 5715. john huntsman, 4832. they're not in the race anymore. back to washington. chris wallace and staff. chris. >> it's been interesting watching this evening with our political insiders. because back a couple hours ago, when santorum was leading by 15, 16,000 or 17,000 votes they kept saying is going to close and there is a big subban counties going to go for romney weren't in yet and the question is would there be enough votes to bring it in. carl you've got a white board. give us a sense of what they're likely to come in for. >> the biggest challenge of voters out in nine counties. eight are being romney county
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autos yes. >> so there is 74% of the vote. >> romney's lead is eight points. and there is big urban, and suburban counties then in addition, medina county was 20,000 votes there is about 20,000 more votes out of the county not reported the amount of votes. if you look at this, there is about 60% of the vote in green county. and so there is are 78% thinking romney is leading by eight. >> romney is now leading for the first time in two hours. 386 to 285. that is close. >> this is what you're saying. these are the biggest, more urban counties reporting in later. >> there is a rural counties
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into hundreds of votes. and maybe tens of thousands of votes. >> it's clear that when you look at it, early on, saying it's it couldn't predict that. >> and this is close. >> yes. >> and this is clear is that santorum will hold on it will be a miracle. these counties being out there, i think it's going to open up a little bit. >> and in terms of delegates, this is not going to make a difference in terms of how many delegates this day. >> gives him a bigger share of the state wide -- but you're right. and there is -- . >> what difference if he wins
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ohio? >> this guarantees at least five of the 10 contests tonight and giving him a handful more delegates. and there is only -- . >> we've got to make it clear. >> when is a win, it's a win. >> yes. >> this is not the cause. and santorum really has earned a right to just have mitt romney one on one. if you look at ohio, and oklahoma. it's not fair. it's not going to, ron paul is going to give use and the state that romney won tonight, georgia allows newt gingrich to stay in the race. >> absolutely that. is what is going on. there is romney wing again.
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and let's take a look from santorum's point of view. carl. he wins oklahoma, tennessee and surprised he won in north dakota. he basically goes outmanned with momentum romney got in michigan he's fought to a dead heat and what can he take from this night? >> he gets to go on. the question is where he's allowed to translate what happened to him in tennessee and oklahoma and not beat gingrich out. before he gets one on one he's got to get gingrich out. >> well, again, we say it's not a formal fox projection but they seem confident this is going to go to romney in the end by a squeaker. >> that is amazing.
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ed spread in ohio is roughly about 6,000. numbers keep changing but there it is. what i said was, and it's true, about 12,000 votes went to rick perry and john huntsman who dropped out of the race. 12,000 votes for the separation of the two candidates. >> yes. >> and just so our viewers know number for a recount is one quarter of a percent. the final tally then you get a recount. and in ohio. if it comes to that. we're going to bring in now fox news contributor charles krauthammer, welcome. your thoughts on what we're seeing tonight? >> until 16 minutes ago boy have said ohio was sure to go to the supreme court. they would give a decision sometime in december. it looks as if now wallace is
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facing that it will go to romney. when you think about the bigger picture this is determined -- ohio determines who gets head tomorrow. if santorum were to pull it out if he had a miracle in the last counts of the vote, it would be a big santorum night if romney winning he'll get headlines but it doesn't change the big picture which has been romney, slow, steady and selecting -- collecting delegates and wins he's winning. remain relatively weak front runner, look where he won tonight. massachusetts and vermont. it's like gingrich winning georgia. that is like hays winning wisconsin. you snow you go on the one in virginia with, you know, was a default. he didn't get 60% of the vote. running alone against ron paul. he's going to win in idaho then, he has unbelievable squeaker in ohio. he'll stay. you know, and there is a what
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he said in michigan. he won only 3%, but it tells you every time there is a chance to close a deal, and he has the one oppoununity it doesn't happen. and this he gets slaughtered in south carolina. winning in florida then losing on the seventh in three states to santorum. winning in michigan and arizona. here was his night. he could have delivered a blow. i admit a win in ohio will be saying he had a good night. it tells you when you're outspending opponents by as much as he outspent santorum and it's a state he could have won and squeaks it out. he is the front runner but not the strong front runner you'd like to see if you're a republican and you can see the field is slipping. these are the obama in the
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poll autos charles, what about the determination of the other candidates? there is rick santorum in wins and newt gingrich saying he's not getting out. ron paul doing his own delegate hunting. what about determination of the other candidates? how long is this going to go? >> ron paul will show up come hell or high water, newt, i'm not sure he's got a pass, everything he talks about is a strategy but year a -- we're a national country. outside of his home state he went 0-9 tonight finishing in places way behind everybody you know? and there is is santorum, showing his strength of he golt a moral victory. he's tough but it's hard to see he's got enough to make it. i think he's staying in
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because he figures it's only weeks probably until gingrich drops out. and there is one time february 7th up against romney alone in a place like missouri he did really well. he's hanging in there, in the mid west but that should be his territory in the mid west. that is where he's from and spoke about. he can't win so i think in the end it's a slow steady, tortoise, you know gathering up delegates. romney on his way but it's going to be a painful, long trip. and he gets weaker, not stronger, i think, with every week. >> charles, thank you. >> we're keeping our eye on ohio. the spread now increasing and there you can see the numbers. 87% of the expected total in. still very tight. and we're keeping on eye on that. the issue in this campaign not only jobs and economy and ron and israel taking center stage
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in the 2012 race. john bolton joins us in three minutes and take a look at ohio. >> we're in this thing. we're in this thing not because i so badly want to be the most powerful man in this country. it's because i want so badly to return the power to you in this country. ohhh my head, ohhh.
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welcome back folks, ohio remains too close to call. boy it's getting interesting there. there is a 3,000 vote margin now in mitt romney's favor. we saw for the first time this evening about 20 minutes ago numbers switch to favoring mitt rom nee. rick santorum had been maintaining a slight lead. now we're seeing what karl rove had been predicting earlier. suburban communities came and the tally would tip in mitt romney's favor. we're seeing that. officially the race remains
11:19 pm
too close to call. >> continuing to watch ohio and the vote there, iran is a hot topic this week. three republican candidates weighing in on possibility of a nuclear war as well as president ob yauma, today. >> only thing respected by thugs and tyrants is our resolve. backed by our power, and our readiness to use it. >> red line is not the morning when our intelligence community tells us they've failed again. the red line is now. >> they to not tear down those facilities. we will tear down them our self autos if some folks think that it's time to launch a war they should say so and explain to the american people why they would be doing that and what consequences would be. >> john bolton is a fox news contributor. thank you for being here, we're bringing you in and are going to keep up ohio numbers.
11:20 pm
the race is tight there in ohio. and and on the issue of israel and iran with a meeting at the white house, prime minister nettan yahoo and the president. your thoughts? >> well, i don't think we're that much different today than we were 48 or 72 hoursing ao. the president wanted a commitment from net yawna hue. he didn't get it. and he want aid commitment from the president he would back an israeli military strike. he didn't get that. and the president did everything he could to distance himself from that possibility. so i think that the political fact of life is that israel is going to do what it needs to do to defend itself. >> ambassador this, afternoon when the president had a press conference he took aim at republican candidates who had
11:21 pm
been vocal and suggested they were too casual when it came to going to war with iran. it's been so in the news lately. and the prospect of going to a military conflict is something folks pay attention to. your thoughts about the g.o.p. field we're watching tonight? >> i thought it was a slander the way he described the republican candidates. and their views. the fact is that this is a very difficult, very complex issue and the person being casual here is the president who seemed unwilling or unable to understand how devastating the threat of a nuclear iran could be, potentially to israel, other american friends in the middle east. and devastate together united states. so this is something that for
11:22 pm
the president to react in that way, i thought it was riley unprofessional, unpresidential. >> one question for you. if you watch this g.o.p. field you considered getting into this race at the beginning. if you look at the g.o.p. field with the exception of ron paul who has been unlike the other three whit comes to foreign policy, you see a material difference between romney, santorum and newt gingrich on this issue? >> and not on this issue. think for me is what distinguishes governor romney is that his executive experience qualifies him to sit behind the state desk in the oval office. when hard decisions have to be made, that is the test for me. and i think that will be a difference. american people don't ged get into the weeds on foreign policy but see it as judgement and resolve that.
11:23 pm
is important on a range of issues including domestic policy. >> looking at results in ohio romney picking up another spread of 5,000. last thing, if you were to put a percentage on the likelihood that israel would act and strike iran at this point what would you put it at? >> i think you'd have to say, high, twice before they've struck nuclear weapons programs in the hands of hostile states. recently september, 2007. this is a threat for israel they're looking at the prospect of a nuclear holocaust if they don't strike? >> 60%? 70%? >> i'd say it's that high. yes. >> thank you. >> the percentages lower now when you count dichbs between santorum and romney in the state of ohio. almost 90% of the vote in from the buck eye state and the race is still too close to kau. we'll drill down on number was the panel, next.
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>> tonight we're counting up delegates for the convention it and looks good. counting down days until november, that is even better. we're going to take your votes and take that victory all the way to the white house. ♪
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welcome back and the race we're watching in ohio, soon will be super wednesday if we don't make this call. mitt romney now ahead more than 4,000 votes separating the two. very close at this hour. obviously we can't call it yet. 90% of the vote is in. we're watching every count. >> and bill smrks nights what you do over there at the bill board is interesting and not critical. and other nights, it's critical and tonight is one of those. >> i don't know what we're doing in ohio tonight. but medina is just south of cleveland this, is a vote count we're getting from medina, ohio now this, is about 20% of the total. so you're missing 80% of the tally. romney has a two-point lead but numbers are meaningless at the moment based on the rest
11:29 pm
of the county. and when it reports. just to the north in cleveland, romney has 18 points. he was trying to drive the votes higher in these big cities like cleveland and columbus and cincinnati to offset what santorum expected to get out on the countryside about frurl counties. what we don't know whether or not a margin of 18 points in cleveland ohio is enough for mitt romney to claim a victory in this state. the vote tally is stacked here so you're about 5,000 vote difference between romney and santorum in the overall count. there is a recount law in ohio. .25% difference between the two men will trigger a recount. that may northbound the offing as well. talked about franklin county. you can find a lot of republican votes in franklin county this, is the state
11:30 pm
capitol. rom fee up five points, if you're with rick santorum's team saying you'd be within five points in franklin county you'd have to be happy with that. north in delaware county keeping an eye on this. because this is one of the areas north of the capitol city that continues to grow and has for 15 years. and romney with a lead there. and again, still some of the vote is out, and down here in the southwestern part of the state this is down around hamilton county, butler county, home of miami university. this is where george bush won his sek term in 2004. it was in these counties late into the night on that election night back in 2004 when hamilton county and butler county, claremont, and warren, they all checked in because it was rough weather that night. and the voters came out and stood in line in the rain.
11:31 pm
and they were wound down around the street and corner. they put bush over kerry in the end by 118,000 votes. this is butler county this, just checked in a moment ago. romney up eight points throughout the east here this is a growing county. coming out of cincinnati down south and up in the surrounding areas so we're going to watch this area to see whether or not it changes but still, 8% of the vote out. what is santorum doing here in ohio? he's doing really well. he expected to do well, frankly. driving these numbers up in these rural areas here. in this part of ohio it's rural. it's farm country. evangelical voters. they just locked into santorum's message throughout the campaign. if you went down further here this, is the ohio river. these are river counties.
11:32 pm
just pick one here, this is add wrams county down here against the river and with kentucky. you don't find a lot of votes in adams county but this area is extremely poor, issue was educational system for decades. these voters you find, are checking in for rick santorum, 14 point edge in adams county. if you take that number spread it apart to southern, eastern part of the state, you can find why santorum is doing well throughout the night here. and coming back here in just a moment, to ohio. another thing i wanted to point out here, former senator he has supported romney about a month ago changing his vote, changed his support to rick santorum in the last few weeks. and what they've been telling people throughout the evening is that he expected santorum to do really west in western
11:33 pm
ohio. take a look what happened. santorum doing exceptionally well. he expected santorum to do well in eastern ohio because here is a former senator from pennsylvania. right along the border here with pennsylvania. and part of that is true but again, part is not true here when looking at romney now cutting into his lead and there is mahonning where youngstown is located. it's 11:32 at night. 91% of the vote in. romney has a lead now of about 5,000 votes. give or take, in ohio you don't give or take anything at this point. back to you. >> carl cameron just reporting that romney campaign were counties now coming in and pushing romney ahaechld taking a look at the map, are you
11:34 pm
seeing the same thing? that those are the numbers, those counties in which -- romney is gain something. >> you're dead on. this is hamilton county this, has been a republican strong hold for decades. they went with barack obama in 2008 for the first time voting for a democrat on the ticket since 1964. this is where you find the firgs congressional district in western ohio. you can find a lot of votes in hamilton county and a lot of republican votes there now, for years. and there is a bit of a difference complex in the north. you find a lot of numbers strong union vote with a long history z to make the point again this is where romney expected to do well to drive up numbers and offset santorum. >> yes. they're saying that that is the value of targeting
11:35 pm
campaign stops. and that could hech him tonight. >> our next guest does not have a big board. he doesn't need one. it's in his head. he knows more about every district in this country than anyone i know. senior political analyst, michael the spread is now under 5,000. what are you seeing in ohio? >> i think we're seeing in ohio a vivid way and s.what we've seen in earlier states. there is the greatest strength from the afluent suburbs and neighborhoods of central cities for people with high education levels and relatively high incomes, is not something the romney campaign wanted to brag about about what appears to be happening is when those urban counties come in, that vote
11:36 pm
put mitt romney over the top. looks like he's probably going stay there to get a victory narrower than one in michigan. i think that for the general election, as well there is a lot of talk about republicans and rick santorum doing better despite working class voters, if you take a look, republican john mccain did well. and carried by a wide margin. republicans have been losing ground since mid 90s in the afluent suburbs moving towards democrats and have been attracted by their stands on cultural issues like abortion. and we've come to take it for granted that some of the areas like mitt romney's native county, oakland county, michigan are democratic counties now. well, nothing is forever. i think it's possible that mitt romney apparent real
11:37 pm
attraction he gets in these areas reflecting these votes may carry over into general election as barack obama's strength among college ed-indicated voters in states like virginia. north carolina and indiana. and tip those states into the democratic column though they weren't seriously contested in the two previous elections. >> michael what about the difference here? why do you i santorum can't close this gap? in ohio? he's supposed to do well in other river valley with blue collar reagan democrats he tried to appeal to next to his district in pennsylvania. yet, it doesn't seem like he is overwhelming in those area autos those areas have been population losing areas for years. and they're not necessarily a democrat it's a huge part of the population anymore. and i think it comes down to
11:38 pm
the fact that there have been increased turnouts. and some have been population growth. looking over the return, i see that you know areas like warren county, which is northeast of since since and i 71 the leading population in ohio, big increase in turnout. 67% this time. that was for the benefit of mitt romney. so demo graphy in a state like ohio, tends to work against rick santorum in this case. >> what are you seeing in terms of the lower socioeconomic counties in the state of ohio? their areas question about whether donald trump and robo calls that he made for mitt romney may have had an impact tonight? >> they may have had an impact.
11:39 pm
i noticed last week i think there was a point of thanking donald trump when the rom knees came up to speak. it was obvious they won michigan. >> tonight, too. honorary buck eyes you called it. >> he helped out their campaign. and if he ends up winning ohio, every bit helps. so in an area like toledo which industrial city, which zrnt a large population, rick santorum was able to run even with mitt romney and county just next to it. so... i think they helped romney. he doesn't have the kind of rappor with those voters. and there are even with donald
11:40 pm
trump and stories he's been telling how his father came up from poverty and made his own way upward. >> michael, thank you very much. we'll check in throughout the night. it doesn't seem like we're finished yet. >> thank you. >> and coming up we're going to check in with carl cameron then go back to our all-star panel for anam sis. -- analysis. stay right here live at america's election headquarters. nice morning, scott?
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11:44 pm
santorum in the state of ohio. about 6,000 votes separating the two. 91% of the expected vote in. and it's trickling in all the time. numbers are adjusting every minute. they just about there. there, you can see the spread less than 6,000 at this hour. and the romney campaign expressed confidence in the results in ohio. we got that information from carl cameron live with the romney campaign. carl? >> hi, well it's gotten quiet here tonight. most of the folks have departed but the campaign both here in boston and as well as ohio is engaininged in a system they have or will win ohio. and that will mean mitt romney will have taken five of the super tuesday states. they say that not only will they come if first in half of the contests but they believe that they'll come in second in the remainder of them.
11:45 pm
in north dakota now where ron paul was -- where rick santorum won, ron paul is running second. and it's a good night for the romney campaign. they believe they're going to come up not only with popular wins but lion's share of the delegate count. they can put them over a grand total of 400. it's been a very, very strong night as no illusions about whether or not this is going to limit the field or whittle it down. they know it's not going to happen. and there is the strength that didn't happen in prime time. and it's yet another example of the ongoing challenge to put away the doubts and the base of the republican pafr pafrt -- party.
11:46 pm
and folks at the base of the republican party have misgivings about romney and argue he is not well equipped to go up against president obama. and they worry about whether or not he's a reliable conservative, romney has a big night looming. they believe they're going to pull off ohio, arguing he's won key swing states, and now, all he's got to do is keep it going. saying to reassure doubters is to keep winning. >> last time the romney campaign made a big deal of the robo call made to democrats it appears a number of democrats voted for santorum in ohio. do you sense the same message coming from the romney campaign? and the candidates there was an effort to go after democrats in the state?
11:47 pm
>> not as aggressively this time around. and certainly democrats were able to make a little bit of noise. at this point we heard remarks tonight mitt romney turned to casting himself as nominee and predicting a victory tonight. talked about how it's going to be a tough day but has to do it over again. and carl, thank you. all eyes still on ohio. there, the spread on the other side of the screen. race too close to call. our panel is up next. stay right here during the commercial break go to our web site and you can check out all of the tonight's results. state by state, county by county skb get latest headlines fox your front-row seat to politics. i love that my daughter's part fish.
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welcome back you're looking at the fox news decision desk. at super tuesday about to morph into super wednesday and we still do not have a sense of who will win ohio. we have 93% of the vote in, but some pockets of votes remain outstanding in counties such as medina and montgomery. last hour, governor romney down from down 3,000 votes to up by 6,000 votes, yet, it's possible that could change depending on shifts in small numbers, uncounted votes
11:52 pm
including some absentee, and pro visional ballots. we'll continue to watch as they do their work. >> now let's bring back our panel. steve, your thoughts on where we are now? and how this plays in the big picture? the big picture of the evening looks like romney is going to get over a a few hundred delegates, a good night for him. and and which is a good night for mitt romney having said that, you know this is the sense tonight that there is mitt romney showing he's struggling to connect with conservative voters and not doing well in the south, taking small steps for dom nation making themselves the more likely republican nominee thanks in large part i could wo say to organizations and money. he's taking tep steps towards
11:53 pm
it. >> how do you perceive in terms of bragging rights? saying i gave a run for it?. >> i don't think there is a question about that. to me what you're going to see is santorum saying we stril a race. the race goes on and conservative voters are not persuaded and should be jumping on any band wagon that this g.o.p. establishment, and people are rally and get in line behind mitt romney. i was looking at numbers. remember, it looked like momentum looked like there was similar momentum. >> and there is 11 point lead not long ago. >> and according to the polls, the people decide it was 42-31 for santorum.
11:54 pm
if they decided in last few days it was plus eight for mitt romney. it seems like what shifted in the last day that made people all of a sudden run for santorum? people asked if it's romney 60% of the people who are romney supporters say they would be disbanded. there is a strong level of dissatisfaction as the nominee. >> and and it begins to look more and more difficult. >> and boy say this. it was new information of various quarters about romney care. something he disputed.
11:55 pm
and remember, four years ago, he was a conservative this year hasn't been able to win over most conservative voters. that is the big difference and the only thing that really changed. and they've they, he's never been in the position where he can say okay, it was a bad idea. he says he repealed it but explanation why have it doesn't equate to what denied similarities between romney care and obama care i don't think add up well. this has been like a guy trying to carry chores on his back and this is an issue that hasn't gone away. and i think it's going to be with him until november. >> we're watching this race and watching a number of
11:56 pm
different battles in ohio tonight. there is looks like he's going to lose this race. >> that this is a feg of i'm just so grateful for it. i want to acknowledge i'm one lucky man. i have said that, no. really. but you already know it. so... i look forward to talking with each of you another time. i said what i have owe-to-say tonight. and you know how to reach me otherwise, thank you. thank you. >> and what a dip in there. a big figure on the left is losing to representative in ohio there. losing that. we'll be back right after this. [ leanne ] appliance park has been here since the early 50s.
11:57 pm
my dad and grandfather spent their whole careers here. [ charlie ] we're the heartbeat of this place, the people on the line. we take pride in what we do. when that refrigerator ships out the door, it's us that work out here. [ michael ] we're on the forefront of revitalizing manufacturing. we're proving that it can be done here, and it can be done well. [ ilona ] i came to ge after the plant i was working at closed after 33 years. ge's giving me the chance to start back over. [ cindy ] there's construction workers everywhere. so what does that mean? it means work. it means work for more people. [ brian ] there's a bright future here, and there's a chance to get on the ground floor of something big, something that will bring us back. not only this company, but this country. ♪
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